If You Suspect Mold in Your Huntsville AL Home – Take Action Now!

 huntsville al mold remediation, removing huntsville al mold A mold contamination can happen to just about anyone. It can strike where you least expect it, in walls, electrical equipment and areas that you don’t normally see. That’s why many times homeowners don’t notice mold until they perform a thorough examination of their home, like you do before selling a home.

High Risk Huntsville AL Mold Problems

One of the main causes of mold growth is water leakage. Bathrooms, kitchens and any rooms with plumbing that may leak are all at risk. If you can think of anywhere in your house that’s dark, warm, out of the way and potentially you should consider regular check ups to make sure that no mold has started growing.

Mold isn’t just destructive, it also poses a number of health risks. Stuffiness, irritation and breathing problems can all be caused or exacerbated by mold. Infants and people with lung issues are at greater risk for mold related problems.

How To Get Rid of Huntsville AL Mold Infestation

When it comes to removing mold from your Huntsville AL home, you can either try to do it yourself or better yet, hire a Huntsville AL mold remediation expert to do it for you. When comparing the two options you need to remember that you are taking on additional responsibilities as a home seller. If you attempt to remove the mold yourself and fail to do an adequate job you can end up losing more money in the long run than you would have spent paying for professional clean up.

Remember that safety is essential. make sure that you wear rubber gloves, air-tight goggles and an N-95 mask or something that provides similar or better protection. Mold can be toxic and so you should avoid touching it with your bare skin or breathing it in.

The Seven Most Important Steps to Take

  1. Because mold is caused by water it’s important to start by finding the cause of the mold and solving it. Removing the mold won’t mean anything if you still have a leaky pipe that will just lead to more.
  2. Remove anything that’s been contaminated beyond repair. Items made with porous material most likely have mold growing inside and out and should be removed and disposed of by double bagging them in thick, strong bags before tying them securely and depositing wherever your locality accepts this type of waste.
  3. Open windows or a doorway to ventilate before washing the moldy area with a mixture of bleach and water. The solution should be mixed with a ratio no greater than one cup of bleach per gallon. Do not combine the bleach with any other cleaning material!
  4. Rinse the surface one more with fresh water after the cleaning mixture has been allowed to sit for a quarter of an hour.
  5. Dry the surface with disposable towels, which should be disposed of like along with other mold-contaminated material. Fans and dehumidifiers can also be used to make sure that the area is as dry as possible.
  6. If mold remains or you want to be sure that the problem has been fixed repeat steps 3 through 5 until satisfied.
  7. Remove and dispose of any materials that remain moldy after the cleaning process according to step 2.

The steps described here are a rough outline that should give you a good idea of what Huntsville AL mold remediation involves.  For an in-depth look at the process check out the Centers for Disease Control.

If you suspect mold, we highly recommend that you hire a with professional Huntsville AL mold remediation expert. Make sure that you go with a company that knows about the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification standards for Huntsville AL mold removal. If you want to make sure the job is done right, check for proper certification before committing.

We have that certification!

Making the Right Choice

Finding mold growing in your house is frustrating and down right scary. Negative emotions and a desire to just ignore the problem in hopes that it goes away are understandable, but in the end the best thing to do is work quickly to solve the problem. Selling a house with a mold infestation will come back to hurt you. In the end professional mold remediation is a small investment to make if you want to ensure your home sale goes as smoothly as possible. Your home is the environment you and your family live in. The second you spot signs of a mold issue you should take action to solve it as soon as possible! Don’t delay!

Huntsville AL Mold Remediation Experts

A mold infestation is a risk to your physical and financial health. Prompt and decisive action is key if you want to limit the damage. The Radon Solutions & Services team are Huntsville AL mold remediation experts who are ready to answer the call.  Don’t delay one minute if you suspect Huntsville AL mold contamination.

Radon Solutions & Services, Inc. has years of experience with residential homes, schools, government and large commercial buildings.  All work is performed according to strict industry standards for radon testing. We are licensed, insured & certified by the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA).

We specialize in the following Huntsville AL mold remediation, radon testing and crawlspace services, including:

If you have any questions, or would like a Huntsville AL mold inspection, please give us a call today at 256.539.7236, send us an email to joey@radonss.com or request an appointment online for testing.

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