Radon Mitigation


Every structure is unique and so is every system we design.  We have installed thousands of mitigation systems and have NEVER faild on any structure regardless of age, size, style location or degree of difficulty.  We are the company that people call when no one else has been able to correct the problem.

The reason for our success is because of our unique ability to perform diagnositcs which allows us to design the perfect system for every structure.  Our clients benefit by owning a system that is effective, attractive, efficient and as  maintenance free as possible.  After we've performed our diagnostics, we fully explain all possible options and our clients decide on which they would perfer.  Most radon companies in the U.S. dont provide options, dont perform diagnostics and dont know how.  Diagnostics is the absolutely most important aspect of designing a system that will provide the lowest radon exposure possible for your family.


This Radon System installed is for a home that had both a Crawlspace & a Basement slab.  This is called a Sub Slab / Sub Poly Depressurization system with a Low Profile Radon Fan.  We reduced the levels from 22 pCi/L to below 1 pCi/L.


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