Huntsville Alabama Mold Remediation – A True Life or Death Story

 Hello, my name is Michael Stankard. I found out the hard way that I was one the 5% of Americans that are susceptible to black mold. My reaction to black mold nearly killed me.

The main symptoms of my black mold exposure was severe fatigue, chest pain, seizures, trouble breathing and my skin was breaking out in a weird splotchy rash. My kids and wife also had puffy eyes and what seemed like bad colds all the time. It affected my wife,Victoria a bit more than the children.

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I went to my primary care physician and she was of little help in determining what was wrong. She did help treat the symptoms of Huntsville Alabama black mold exposure, but not the cause. When I started having acute memory loss, my wife took me to the emergency room at Crestwood. They admitted me on the spot because of my irritated lungs and shortness of breath.

No Diagnosis and Still Very Sick

As good as that hospital is, I left there with no diagnosis and still very sick. I was happy to be back home, but little did I know that the house I loved was slowly killing me.  It was a sick house. A week after coming home I was admitted once again to the hospital due to severe respiratory problems.

At this time Victoria was doing research about my symptoms online and found a recurring pattern of results on various mold remediation websites, some better than others. She immediately called our landlord who sent out a Huntsville Alabama mold mitigation company that specialized in air quality testing. Unfortunately, those guys didn’t find anything. They either lacked the proper equipment or lacked experience.

Our Next Door Neighbor’s Help with a Hammer

While I was still in the hospital (a total of 15 days), off and on throughout the entire month of September, our next door neighbor came over to see if Victoria needed anything because he knew I was sick. After she told him what was going on, he remembered another case in our neighborhood like this where mold was found in bathroom.  Not wasting any time, our neighbor went into the master bathroom and swung his hammer like Thor into the baseboards around the shower. Low and behold, behind the baseboard and drywall, was black mold and it was everywhere!

Huntsville Alabama Mold Remediation

At this time, I was ready to come back home, but my doctor thought it was a bad idea to go back into our contaminated home so I moved in with my friends Seth and Jessica. They took good care of me and helped with the annoying seizures I was still having due to mold. Meanwhile, Victoria found the best mold remediation company in Huntsville Alabama  (you all know who!) and the mold clean up process began.

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They had to remove the shower tile and gut two feet back into the wall. They also found that the mold traveled straight down stairs right into our  kitchen pantry. That was what was getting my kids sick. My wife got sick from the kitchen as well as the steamy shower. They did a great job of Huntsville Alabama mold remediation, but it was too late for me. I was sicker than a dog and I never stepped foot in that house ever again.

Victoria found a quick move apartment nearby and she immediately started moving us out of our 4,200 square foot home which was a feat in itself with me still hospitalized (now a total of 19 days). I came straight home from the hospital to our new apartment. And to this day, I won’t consider stepping in a house we are thinking about living in without a Huntsville Alabama air quality testing done first.

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